Thursday, June 23, 2011

Packing Part 1

We leave for Barcelona (just one stop of many) on Sunday.  YES SUNDAY! That means in 3 days' time, we will be on a plane from Newark to Barcelona.  My room is a total disaster area, with small tidbits of what I can't seem to find a box or place for.  For example, a humidifier! Where am I supposed to put that?  I guess it will go with the awkwardly shaped crock pot and my lotion bottles (is it going to squirt all over everything else?!?!)

Anyways, I've been packing! Woo Hoo!  Here is a little rundown of what I am going to fit into this little guy.  We're trying to avoid some major fees and have some strange, masochistic sense of accomplishment for packing light. 
Here goes...
See the massive amount of MESS surrounding this photo, and I was too lazy to edit or crop this...

Here's the rundown (from Left bottom to right, and then up'll figure it out)
  • Outlet Converter (I couldn't find mine from study abroad ~3 years ago. Picked this up from Best Buy for $20)
  • Flexible Tripod (mine was a Christmas gift, and has magnetic feet)
  • Flashlight/whistle combination (something my dad gave to me in haste hoping it would ward off potential rapists as I roam the streets of Boston)
  • MP3 Player and Charger (MP3 will contain language lessons and audio tours, plus some music!)
  • OFF! (I guess all that water in Venice breeds mosquitoes)
  • Moleskin notebook (I am hoping to accomplish my goal of keeping a travel journal as mentioned here)
  • Sleeping mask 
  • Nail clippers
  • Razor (Can I take this on the plane? If not, here comes hairy Carolyn!)
  • A baggy of q-tips and flossing thingys
  • Misc. collection of bandaids (including the fancy blister ones just in case)
  • Extra set of contacts
  • Face towlettes (for those lazy, sweaty nights)
  • Extra bobby pins and hair ties
  • Teeny-tiny wallet
  • Lip Balm
  • Mini digital camera (fingers crossed I'll snag a skype know for a job!)
  • Camera charger/docking station (I was too lazy to actually put the wires in the photo, because I had to upload these pictures)
  • Glasses/Glasses case (yes be very jealous of how nice and thick my lenses are!)
  • Flash drive
  • My sweet new watch (Ironman edition-- the athletic event, not the movie.  I couldn't find the link online, but picked it up at Target for ~$30)
  • Purse for carrying around all my junk during the day
  • Map
  • Blue folder containing: scripts to our language lessons, maps for our audio tours, and mini language cheat sheets
  • My liquids/toiletries bag containing: Tide detergent, face moisturizer (SPF30), sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, contact lens solution, face wash and scrub, and body wash.  
  • My spiffy, new LL Bean hiking/walking shoes
  • My Teva flip flops
  • Smartwool socks (kinda pricey, but highly rated.  I got Alex and I one pair for heavy-walking days)
  • My Clarks walking sandals
  • Deodorant
  • Camping towel (super absorbent and fast-drying)
  • Awesome money belt that Alex designed and sewed.  Yes, he cut those pieces out of fabric and made two amazing money belts for us! (I'm such a lucky gal)
  • Our envelope of hotel reservations, train tickets, and plane tickets.
  • Missing: my camera, duh!
Here are some close-ups of the goods

Stay tuned for info on my wardrobe for the trip!


  1. are you bringing any clothes??? (this is monica)

  2. That's for part 2! Henceforth "Stay tuned for info on my wardrobe for the trip!"

    But, there are a lot of nude beaches over there...