Saturday, June 18, 2011

Willy in Wonderland

Yesterday, I went to the Chihuly exhibit with my friends from Ohio that are visiting.  Generally, going to the Museum of Fine Arts is an enjoyable experience, but this time it was beautiful, amazing, and awesome.  I have been a fan of Dale Chihuly's work since I went to Las Vegas in 2008 and saw his glass at the Bellagio.  We couldn't decide it if was more Willy Wonka or Alice in Wonderland.

Here's some eye candy!
This was the first installment.  A Noah's Ark of sorts, I suppose.  The reflection made it doubly jaw-dropping.

More natural-looking glass on a wooden table.  An amazing collection of fabric was hanging in the background.

**Fuzzy-- no tripod :(** I literally exhaled "WOW" as I walked into this exhibit.

This curly-q one soared to the ceiling.  I couldn't get a focused shot of the whole thing, but this was pretty awesome!

The next portion of the exhibit was a room with all of the glass pieces in the ceiling.  Once again, the reflections made it even more breathtaking.

From below and to the side.

Blurry photo, but adds to the fog effect.  This exhibit stretched for about 20 feet.  

Another amazing piece hanging from the ceiling.  The ridges and textures are beautiful!

Overall, a wonderful day to spend a humid, rainy Friday.

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