Sunday, June 12, 2011

Treading Water

It has been much longer that I would have liked since I last posted.  The impending move and month long trip are closer than ever, and boy do I feel it.  I haven't posted much about my upcoming adventures, but it goes something like this:
- In 2 weeks minus 1 day, Alex and I will have to be packed up and OUT of our apartment.  We're very lucky because his father will be picking up all of our major stuff and storing it in Ohio for the month.
- In 2 weeks, quite literally, we'll be sitting at the airport (probably Newark by now) waiting for our flight to Barcelona.  We'll travel through Europe for a month and it will be wonderful and quite the adventure.
- In 1 month and 2 weeks and 1 day, we'll be arriving BACK from Europe to Boston.  From there we will power sleep and drive back to Ohio. 
- By August 1, we'll probably be moved into our new place in Iowa City.

This is all very exciting, but let's be realistic- its pretty damn STRESSFUL!  We don't even have all our accommodations booked for our trip yet! Neither of us has lined up a job (and will have to be applying and available for interviews while on our trip).  So my real to do list (not the lofty dreamy stuff I posted about last) is overflowing with things to do.  On top of that, we just got back from camping and I have friends visiting next weekend.  Yep, I'm pretty much crazy.  Did I mention we are working right up until we leave? Ha! 

Needless to say, I feel like I'm treading water.  I know I have been neglecting my mental and physical health during this stressful time, which only exacerbates all the anxiety.  Fortunately, I have an amazing partner in life and he handles my weekly freak-out-and-sob sessions quite well. 

I am struggling with how to stay centered and on-task while in this situation.  I know I should be using my time more productively, rather than pinning constantly, but I am struggling with self-control.  (as evidenced by the now, more empty carton of cookie-dough ice cream)

If you have some advice, please don't hesitate to give it.  In the meanwhile, I'll be the chicken with its head cut off.  Well, here's some eye candy.
My desktop image-- Venice, Italy.  My attempt to keep myself motivated to get to this trip!

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