Monday, June 6, 2011

New Tab: My TO DOs

   The beautiful Halibut Point State Park (Rockport, MA). Unrelated, but I believe in always putting an image in a blog post!

So you may have noticed a new tab on my blog, or perhaps your eyes are quickly darting to the top of this page to spot it now.  This is my To Do list.  Not the kind sitting in front of me that is scribbled with mundane tasks like: trash (i.e. take it out), lunch for tomorrow, 1 job application, etc.  I need to scratch this sort of stuff down to keep me sane.

Instead, this is my Inspired Life Project To Do list.  These are things I have thought about doing, and truly feel they will enlighten me and help me live a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

Why have a section for finances? Money won't make you happy
I include a section on finance for multiple reasons.  First, I enjoy saving and planning.  I get pleasure out of watching my money grow in a savings account.  Second, I feel that having safety nets and awareness about ones' financial situation will help you live the life you want.  I am able to enjoy foods, travel, and other pleasures because I currently make very conscience decisions with my money.  I hope to grow and refine my current frugal mindset into more sound fiscal habits.

Why include floss everyday, isn't that obvious?
For me, evidently, it isn't.  I have struggled with trying to get myself to floss everyday, and now the habit has become this haunting ideal of good personal hygiene for me.  I feel like if I floss everyday, I'll be a better person.  Warped, I know, but still its my goal and I figure if its here on my blog, maybe I'll do it!  Also, I recently had some pretty routine dental work done-- fillings, but unfortunately for me it didn't go very well and I am dealing with the repercussions (i.e. pain and too many visits to the dentist's office).  Not to mention the $234 bill I got after my insurance covered their portion- OUCH!

Why all the homesteading stuff?
This is something that truly interests me and I hope will allow me to pursue other major goals in life.  For example, practicing many self-sufficient/homesteading practices can save you a lot of money-- money that can go into my travel fund! Also, I want to make sure what I am consuming is good for everyone else.  At this moment, and I expect for quite some time, I cannot afford to buy all organic, free-range foods.  This will be my way to cut down on the over consumption of things like packaging, factory-farmed produce and meat, sweat-shopped clothing and accessories, etc.  Now these are all GOALS, and I am nowhere near where I want to be with my consumption habits.

Is that it? Not a very long To Do list for life.
This isn't it.  I hope to add more projects or ideas.  I may even try some other projects or goals I have seen floating around the blog-o-sphere.  If you have ideas for what should be on my To Do list, please comment below and let me know! I can't promise that what YOU think I should do will strike my fancy, but I'll take a looksy.

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