Monday, September 19, 2011


Today is my birthday.  Which is quite a fun day.  It means I can consume lots of sweets without a second thought, I get mail (I totally love mail!), and I get presents!! Who doesn't love presents?  In addition to the usual indulgences, I also love opportunities for new beginnings.  And what's better than a new year of your life to reflect a bit and set some goals for the future.  Though the day isn't through yet, I did want to start writing some thoughts I have.

The purpose of this blog was to explore how to make my life more inspired.  I wanted the time I spent both earning an income (a.k.a. work) and poking around (a.k.a. hobbies) to be genuinely enjoyable and productive. 

Since moving to Iowa, I have come across much more time than I realized ever existed in Boston.  I work about 1 mile from our apartment, which is a 5 minute car ride or a 8-10 minute bike ride.  My day starts at 7 am when I get up and get ready.  I am at work by 8:20 am and am done working (usually) around 3:00 pm.  So from 3:15 pm until bed (11:00 pm) I have a lot of time. 

Also since moving to Iowa, I have pushed myself to explore new hobbies and creative outlets.  I have tried to following in the footsteps of 1,467,849 blogs by hunting down decorating deals, sewing baby clothes (someone I work with just had a baby), baking galore, and painting furniture.  This constant hunt for some sort of domestic perfection has really helped me realize what things I genuinely enjoy doing versus things that I felt like I HAD to do in pursuit of an ideal. 

Without a doubt I have fallen (back) in love with cooking.  I spend hours per week browsing Pinterest for recipes and keeping track of them for meals in the future.  Nearly every Sunday, I spend 3-4 hours cooking and prepping food for the week.  I roast a whole chicken, make quiches, pancakes, bake sweets, and prep other chicken-based meals.  Hours pass, and I get tired, but love every second of it.  Some of my favorite recipes from Pinterest (that I've cooked!)
Stuffed Salmon with Sriracha Cream Sauce (source)

Buffalo Chicken Bites (source)
Creamy Chicken Taquitos (source)

On the other hand, I reupolstered our office chair.  Maybe one day I'll put photos up of it.  Without a doubt, I love the results.  It went from being an ugly dirty red with a cigarette burn (it was thrifted) to having a light, fun geometric pattern.  But did I enjoy the process? Without a doubt, NO.  It was annoying and I got frustrated very easily.  Tack that onto sewing an applique and ruffles to a onesie-- ugh, I was about done with fabric for a little while.  This doesn't mean I am done with sewing completely, sewing pillows is sooo satisfying, but it does mean that I am not going to pretend I love sewing, when, well, the jury is still out.


Please excuse my rambling.  I don't know whether its the move, this blog (as reflection), or my growing wisdom with age, but I am started to understand myself a little bit more each day.  I know that transformative power that exercise has on my mood and serotonin levels (though I sometime forget and feel like I am living in Mordor).  I know that traveling to new places fulfills me like hardly anyhting else can, so I am going to direct much of my energy into planning and saving for new trips.  I know that I have an incredible partner in life that helps me keep my head on straight. 

BUT! I also know that I'm just too cheap to be the next John and Sherry (sheets, yes just sheets, are like $50! what?!?), too impatient to make crafts like Ashley Ann Cambell (but please let me be able to take photos like her one day), and I will not (nor do I want to dedicate the time to) write as detailed and savvy posts as J.D. Roth, but that's okay.  I need to take myself out of the blogging clouds and be okay with who I am and what I can give myself, my partner, and others in my life. 

Phew! enough ramblings, onto enjoying my day.

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